Best Back Massager: A Buying Guide

Doing work all day, lifting weights more than you can, and even sitting for too long can make your body stiff and tired. And when this becomes a daily routine, then there’s only one thing that can make all the tiredness go away and that is a back massager.

When working, nobody thinks about their vertebral frame before putting pressure on the body, this can lead to long term health issues. In the primary stages, this does not come into the notice but as the time passes and years pass by, the body starts to show signs of damage. The backbone starts becoming weaker and problems in different parts of the body start occurring. And if this goes on for too long, the results can be scary. Back problems can cause anything from inability to work to making you permanently bedridden.

But this can be avoided. We can’t really stop doing work but what we can do is take care of our health. Now when it comes to relaxing the body and getting rid of tiredness, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is hot water bath and a massage. Now hot water bath is viable and one of the best ways to relax, but massage is not something that an average person can spend on very often. There are therapists out there and many massage parlors that can help a person in relieving the stress from the body. Also, there are massage chairs that work like a charm when it comes to resting the back and the whole body. But the price is what keeps people from spending money on them.

But luckily, there is an alternative, which is both cheap and easily available and also works as a stress reliever. There are a lot of affordable back massagers available in the market. They can give you instant relief from back pain. Either you are at work or you are at home, these massagers can help you in relaxing your back and avoid any back related issues. And since these massagers are usually lightweight and easy to carry around, so one can easily use these massagers on different parts of the body conveniently.

Why choose a back massager?

 Back massagers are a device that contribute to good health of the body; mainly the back. Now there are a lot of benefits of using a back massager. Their primary work is to massage the back, which they do flawlessly taking away all our back pain. This contributes to a better health in the long run. Also, the lower back is the first place where it starts to hurt after working too long. So, a back massage can be proven highly beneficial. A back massage allows the lower back to heal and feel replenished. This way, one can get back to work easily.

Once a study found that massages don’t just relieve the stress from lower back, but they also help in improving the overall mental health of the person which results in better sleep. Moreover, many doctors recommend frequent exercises and massages in order to treat the back pain in the long run.

Back massage is something which also improves the functioning of the body. So, if you think that there’s some physical activity that you can’t do like lifting some weights or touching toes while standing then exercise and massage is the key. It also reduces the pain in the body. Since, back pain is something that is intolerable, so getting back massage every now and then can give you instant relief from the pain no matter how impossible it might look like.

What to look for?

When it comes to buying the best massager machine for back, there are a lot of questions that can arise. That’s why we will help you in knowing what to look for in the best back massager. There are heated massagers, then there are pounding and vibrating massagers. Acupressure is also something that one can go for. Apart from back massagers, you can also go for the best maternity belt for back pain or best heating pad for back pain.

The massagers and belts are soothening and help in healing your body. They provide tranquility and cheer up the mood by taking away all the irritation from the body. These are some of the things that you can look for if you are finding the answer to the question “how to cure back pain fast at home”.

How to choose the best back massager?

After knowing why choose a back massager and what to look for, you probably know how to relieve back pain. But the story does not end there. You still have to make a choice. There are hundreds and millions of products available in the market making it hard for people to choose the best one or the one that can help them with their issues. Now, it is all about choosing the right one, the best one. So, the first thing that you should do while looking for the best back massager is looking for the quality of the massager. Even though the back massagers are cheaper, doesn’t mean that all of them provide consumer with same massage quality. In terms of massage quality, always look for the one which does not stab your back with every rotation. Also, the massage should be comfortable. Moreover, the intensity as well as the pressure of the massager should be adjustable. Adjustable intensity feature makes a massager prominent as anybody can use them easily. So, if a person is having serious back issues, then he or she can easily adjust the settings according to their convenience. This way anyone can easily take full advantage of this product.   

Another feature that one should look for is heat. Now, the best thing about getting a massage from a professional is warmth of hands. That warmth is what makes us feel comfortable and leave us wanting for more. So, if a feature like this gets add up to a massager, then the whole machine massager game can change. That’s what you should look for. There are some massagers out there who reciprocate the whole warmth from human hands into massager which makes the massager a good choice for buying. Even though they can not really replace them but the least they can do is, provide same level of comfort. Since, heat is something which helps in loosening the tight muscles, so buying a massager that emits warmth is an optimal choice.

Apart from that, the massager should be versatile. Now, massage chairs are something that serves only one person and that is relaxing and massaging the whole body. This increases the flexibility. Now, back pain is something that spreads rather than staying in one place. So, if you are suffering from lower back pain, then you are also probably suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain etc. That’s why, choose a back massager that is versatile enough to take care of all of parts of the body rather than just focusing on only one. A versatile massager can be used around the neck and shoulder area. Also, it can help in relaxing the butt. So, while choosing a back massager, also look for versatility.

Another most important feature that counts in is the viability and ease. Now, back problems are something that are more common in old people rather than in young people (Back problems are increasing in youth at a rapid rate). So, it becomes really necessary to come up with something that they can also easily access if they don’t have any information about how to use it or if they have issues with remembering things. If the back massager is easy to use then it increases the overall convenience. Back massagers usually have a lot of buttons. But the working of them is not that complex, making it easy for everyone who uses it.

Last but not least is the viability. If the size of the massager is too small or too large then it can become trouble. So, try to find the one that has the perfect size and with that we mean a size that suits you the most. Make sure you can easily carry it around in your hands and also put it in a bag while traveling. The portable a massager is, the better is the experience. So, don’t waste your time looking at the big ones or the ones that are too small that they could fit into your pocket as they are not able to massage a person effectively.  


After talking about the best back massager and how to choose, the top most thing that one should remember is the budget which people usually forget while shopping. So, make sure you stay within your budget before rushing into buying something that you might regret later. That’s why, set a certain budget and try to stick to it. The bottom-line is, it is going to be used by you so try to choose what you think is best for you.

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