10 Things you have in common with mental health for children

mental health development

Parents can easily be identified their children physical development but somehow forget or overtake the children mental health development. Actually, it’s not their fault because physical development is visible whereas mental health is invisible. Even many of us fell strange, is that a children mental health is matter in their everyday lives or their future goals?

Well, for every parent’s acknowledgment we tell you that a research has founded, in many ways mental health determined a children bright future. And in a worldwide about 1 in 10 children eventually faces a mental reduction or depression which in future affected their work and family building.

Specifically saying, children mental health is as much as important as children physical development. Generally, every child mental health begins to develop whether positive or negative way right from their family. So it is the responsibility of a family member to make sure that their every child mental health is developed in a positive way. And of course, there are some ways to do so.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is something that including some factor like how anyone thinks, feel, act, behave, communicate and take action. Just as things can go wrongs with our lungs, heart, stomach or other parts of our body, things of our brain can also go wrong that affection our emotional health and state.

The world health organization (WHO) defines mental health in this way: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Mental health is an undivided part of this definition.”

10 Common Things to Maintain in Case of Child Mental Health Development

Having good mental health does not mean that a children mental health development never faces any worries or difficulties. It means parents have to try to create an atmosphere where a child feeling secure and fell no hesitated of doing any kind of new activities. Take a look at 10 most important point which every parent should be maintained. Before that look up how varied kind of disorder may occur.

Behind every child mental disorder there are some basic facts and they are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of self-confident
  • Felling of insecurity
  • Eating disorder
  • Insomnias
  • Communication gap among family member
  • Extra pressure from School or family


How to antidote the problem by the following technique:

  1. Give Your Children Unconditional Love

The very first thing every child need in their mental health development is unconditional love from their parents. Spend more time with your baby, find some time to play with them. for your baby mental pleasure you can try best rc truck, baby will enjoy to play with this toy. Make sure your child know your love is not based on their failure and achievement. Let them sense failure is a key to success of another achievement. Help them to carry on without any kind of fear. Always give them the unconditional love that highly increases their mental health development.

  1. Give Your Children Nutrition Food

Nutrition food makes a great contribution in case of your child mental development. Parents should of their own accord have to create a chart of nutrition food or rather has to consult with a doctor. But the fact is in any way parents must have to give their child a sustenance food. That helps them in both mental and physical condition. 

  1. Exercise

From an early age teach them to get exercise that helps a lot in mental health development. You might wonder how a child could do exercise. Don’t worry exercise always does not mean heavy metal used work out. It means a workout where they could play with their age child or have a good deal of handful work.

  1. Ensure Their Sound Sleep

Build up a good habit for your child that they should go to early to bed and early to rise. With this always try to maintain peaceful sleeping atmospheres that bring sound sleep for them. No matter your child is young or just a baby sound sleep is important and another key to mental comfort.

  1. Teach Them to Develop a Relationship

Developing and maintaining personal, neighbor or friend relationship is very beneficial to mental development. Educated your baby how to develop and maintain a relationship with family and other because of its help a lot.

  1. Advise Them to be Honest

Advice them do not hide their failure or any small or big mistake from parents. Tell your child we all made mistake but we have to try to solve them not to hide them. Give them a feeling that honesty is more important to anything else.

  1. Help Them to Relax

Make sure your child has a hobby or some kind of activities that make them relax. The ability to get relaxes and away from stresses is very important in mental health development. Teach them to make a balance between their study and hobby and help them to get relax feelings.

  1. Praise and Encouraging Your Child

Encouraging children in their every effort help to develop their mental structure. Allow the child to explore new thing in a safe zone and give them your full support. Your praise and encouragement build up their self-confident, make them strong and give them strength to face any difficulties.

  1. Provide a Space of Their Own

Give some space to every age children which benefited them in many ways. Free time and space make them enable to think widely about deep think and make them stable. The research found out children many time uncover some difficult answer in their lesser time.

  1. Give a Feeling of Security and Make Them Self-Confident

Sometimes child feel insecure in their own house which makes them a puzzle and lacks their self confidence. Always try to feel your children that they are secure in their own space. At the same time sometimes let them decide which wrong and right that increases their self-confident and develops their mental health.


Children are very soft and dedicated to handling and when is come upon children mental health development then parents should take extra care. One child is different from other not only in appearance but in many ways. But there are some basic things in every child that most of the parents should follow in order to make their child a good human begin. Not only a good human begin but intelligence, humble and well balance person.

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