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Sleeping Possition

Does sleeping position actually matter in health issue? Turns out, yes it does not only matter, yet consequently deal with a lot of serious health complication. Many research found that you’re sleeping position directly impact on your quality of sleep and also reveals your personalities. Now one question arises what is the best sleeping position might be. Though it is one of the most debated questions but we got some answer by our long-term research on different people.

If you want to know the right position of sleep then you have to first identify your present sleeping position.  Probably your sleeping position is the one in which you fall asleep every night. In case you face problem in your existing situation then you have to practice hard in order to gain a new position. Basically, most of us are habituated in four positions and they are- stomach, back, side and combination sleeper. Keep reading to discover which is suitable one and why.

What is the best sleeping position?

As we mention before it is a most debated question and of course finding the best sleeping position is indeed a tough task. In spite of that, our research finds out some primary sleeping position advantage and disadvantage. Through this, you might get your desired one; take a look one by one.

Sleeping on your side

Side sleeping is the best way to sleep with lower back pain as well as anyone who is pregnant.  There is some kind’s side sleepers founded like right, left or fetal position sleepers. When you lay on the left side then the position help you to maintain your stomach liquate perfectly. You might already know our stomach situated on the left side of our body. So sleeping on your left side you can easily minimize your gastric problem.

On the other who suffers from snoring problem can get rid of it by practice sleeping on whether left or right side. Because in both position they got help to solve the problem. Again doctor always increases a pregnant woman to sleep on the side which known as fetal position. It helps to facilitate blood circulation and prevent pressure on the back side. More or less we found in worldwide 41% of people are side sleeper which is perhaps most popular sleeping position. By the way with lots of advantage, there are some disadvantages of side sleepers take a look.


  • Best way to sleep with back pain
  • Aids digestion problem
  • Help to reduce snoring
  • Prevent sleep apnea
  • Helps with spinal alignment


  • Cause shoulder pain
  • Bring premature wrinkles
  • Prevent deep breathing
  • Cause of breast sagging


Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back bring your head, neck and shoulder in a neutral position. Perhaps it is the best sleeping position for neck and shoulder pain sufferer. Though worldwide only 8% people sleeping on their backside but we can’t be denied the advantage of these positions. Our research found that the number should be increased through practice in order to gain high benefits.

As we already told you doctor always suggest neck and shoulder pain sufferers to sleep on their back. Rather than, it great for your spine and overall posture because when you laying on your back your spine remains straight. Even well, this is good enough to have you waking up without any kind of body pain. Many researchers claim that back sleeper enjoys more quality sleep than any other position sleepers. In fact, sleeping on your back keeps your breast and face safe and preventing wrinkles and sagging. Now let us allow to show you some direct pros and cons of the position.


  • Bring great posture support
  • Reduce joint and muscle pain
  • Prevent wrinkles and breast sagging
  • Reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Increase deep breathing


  • Not good for sleep apnea
  • Can cause lower back pain
  • Don’t reduce snoring even increase
  • Not good for pregnant and back pain people


Sleeping on your stomach

Are you a stomach sleeper? Then you might thick twist of your habit and obviously tried to change your sleeping position. While sleeping on the stomach is good for reducing the snoring problem and sleep apnea but its bad for practically everything else.

Experts suggest avoiding stomach sleep because when you laying in this position your entire body weight centered into your center. As a result, it causes an acidic problem, increases back, neck, shoulder pain. In addition, create pressure on your muscles and havoc on your spinal alignment and therefore bring premature wrinkle. Moreover, all these together make your body uncomfortable and prevent your sound sleep. Without further add lets go ahead to advantage and disadvantage.


  • Reduce snoring problem
  • Good for sleep apnea


  • Cause wrinkle
  • Cause breast sagging
  • Increase back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Create gastric problem
  • Prevent restful sleep


Want to change your sleeping position?

In above discussion, we have shown you different sleeping position advantage and disadvantage. But fortunately, if you are in the wrong sleeping habit then you could change it with patience and some technique. In order to do so firstly, you have to identify your problem and find out why you want to change it.

Secondly, you have to check out your mattress and pillow because it often matters of having the right one for gaining desire sleeping position.

Very last state after determined which position you want to achieve then go for buying that position suited pillow. Meaning that, you have to buy a specific pillow for your desire attainment position. For example, if you want to become a back sleeper in order to avoid neck and shoulder pain. Then you should go for backside sleeper pillow which helps you to practice in such section. In case, of an initial stage, you could also make a test of buying combination sleepers pillow.

Changing a pillow is a good start because now a day pillow manufacturer makes the pillow for an individual sleeping position. So it helps you in a long way to get success in your desired achievement.

Final words

Overall saying, the best sleeping position is mainly depending on some object as we mention a top. There is no denying that finding best one is not possible in all situations. As every sleeping position have some advantage and disadvantage. People generally want to change it for a different health issue or some personal cause. We hope by our writing you have got basic to advance information. Once more you have also got knowledge how you can change it according to your desired position.

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