How to cure back pain naturally?

How to cure my back pain

Just as keeping the head high is important so is the spine. Keeping your backbone intact and your back free from problems is a thing of the past. Modern lifestyle has made people more prone to back pain as the sitting work has increased on laptops and office hours have increased. Also, in the personal time too people keep slouching on their mobile phones all the time. Such habits create an imbalance between the spinal vertebra which leads to back pain which keeps on growing and takes a form of grave disease. Before letting all this happen, all you need is just a little bit of care to be taken during the day to day life. There are some tips given in this article which will tell you as to how to cure back pain naturally and preventing it from coming back. There will be no need of taking of taking tablets and injections, which are painful instead this article will solve your problem the natural way. There can be lower back pain problems and upper back problems. This article will cater to help you learn how to cure lower back pain naturally and how to cure upper back pain naturally. Let us start then.

Natural Treatment for Back Pain Relief

Take a Long, Really Long Hot Shower:

Go into your bathroom and turn on the Geyser. Try relaxing and sing songs while the hot water will help your muscles to allow some stretching and allows your veins to flow proper blood to the affected part to cure it the natural way. Hydrotherapy taken at home your way for an hour or so will not only help you feel relaxed but will allow you to sleep properly.

Do Yoga:

A very well-known method to cure hundreds and thousands of diseases without taking medicines, yoga is the sure shot solution to cure both lower and upper back pain. Who can forget the laughing therapy involved in the yoga. Laughing to the full potential allows your blood vessels to get clean and supply oxygen and blood to the rest of the body properly. This heals the body as the muscle cramps get removed and you are free to rock and roll. Your endorphins will solve the rest of the problem.

Get a Massage:

Massages are the super cool remedies to get relief from back pain. But you guys might be thinking how this can be a home remedy. Well, you can get massage chair and there are a number of oils available for this purpose in the market. Get a help from your friend or partner and let your body heal itself.

Lower down your stress levels:

Studies have proven that the more stress a human brain takes, more are the chances to suffer from abnormalities. Do not stress yourself from work and personal life. Create a balance between the work and personal life. Sleeping for 8 hours and not compromising with your sleep will get you lower your stress levels and the back pain too.

Stretch Baby Stretch:

Stretching exercises for 10 minutes when you are out of your bed can make you live your life without the back pain. There is no need to try harder ones, do the simple stretching of the neck, spine and hips to stay fit.

Back Pain Causes and Risk Factors

The world is suffering from the given factors which make it risky for people to get back pains and fall prey to it!

  • The modern lifestyle which involves no exercising and only sitting for long hours slouching causes back pain. The bad posture is the primary cause of back pain.
  • Almost 30% of the world’s population suffer from obesity. Obesity leads to back pain at some point or another. Junk food consumption is the reason for this.
  • Aging is another factor which causes wear and tear and leads to minor back pains to the people, which can be treated by meditating and doing yoga.
  • The disorders in the spine can be genetic too. This case is unpreventable and people suffering from this should go for regular exercising to stay fit.
  • Back pains are experienced by individuals who do not sleep properly. Lack of sleep causes the risk of back pain to increase in a human being.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain

There is a difference between a symptom and a sign. The patient feels the symptoms whereas the doctor detects the signs.  They are listed below:

  • When the person starts feeling increase in the body temperature and fever prevails in the body for some time.
  • When you start peeing frequently. The amount is small but you feel the urge to use the loo quite often.
  • When your weight starts fluctuating. You are either becoming fat or thin. Usually losing weight is an indication of back pain.
  • When the person starts experiencing consistent pain in the back and even after lying down it does not help. Then a person must see a doctor.
  • When the pain reaches below the knee level and you are restless. When you cannot sit properly or lie down peacefully.
  • A recent injury can also lead to back pain. Some unknown muscle stretch can cause the body to start back pain. If the pain persists, then the person should either try stretching or see a doctor.


How to relieve back pain naturally is a question asked by many people. The article helps you not only identify the ways, but also allows you to understand the symptoms and risk factors involved with it. Best natural pain killers are available at home itself. All you need are the natural oils and your massage chair. If not that you need a yoga mat and fresh air to laugh. How to cure back pain fast at home is easy as you stretch your body when the music you love is playing by your side. A fulfilling bath can help you get over the lower back pain and the cozy pillow and bed let you wake up fresh and fit. However, all these remedies work only and only if you treat the pain in its initial stage. As we all know that precaution is better than cure. This article helps you to prevent it. Meditation is another medicine which not only cures your back pain but allows you to calm down your mind and release the endorphins, which will allow you to stay focused on your work. The only problem which makes back pain an issue is the sedentary lifestyle involving bad postures and long time sitting hours. The employees working, the students studying and the mobile phone users must understand that proper posture must be maintained. In between intervals should be taken and light stretching exercises should be done to get rid of the back pain problems for good.

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